A recent survey by USA

With a tight labor market, workers are increasingly empowered to leave jobs they don’t like. While many employers have backed off this return-to-office agenda, those that haven’t may be losing workers to more accommodating workplaces. Tech companies are offering bespoke amenities to lure people back. Here are a few of them. What will work for your business? Below are some tips for improving employee morale. https://pressmagazines.com

Flexible schedules

A recent survey by USA TODAY and LinkedIn found that nearly half of all hiring managers are experimenting with flexible schedules and remote work. While this number is less than other measures, it likely captures employers who are already using formal strategies to attract and retain talent. Regardless of the reason for your organization’s shift toward flexible schedules, here are three things to keep in mind. First, make sure that you have clear expectations of your employees. Keep in mind that your workforce may not want to work remotely if it means having to work flexibly.

Flex time is a great way to empower employees. It makes it easier for staff members to balance their lives while still fulfilling their jobs. Flexible schedules also help reduce employee turnover, which is an important factor in reducing the stress level in a company. Moreover, flexible schedules support the UN’s sustainable development goals. In addition to empowering employees, flexible work schedules have environmental benefits as well.

Lastly, flexible work schedules are an excellent way to retain valuable employees. Flexible work schedules are one of the top perks employees seek in a job. According to Zenefits, 77% of employees would choose a position if it offered flexible hours. Flexible work hours also ranked high amongst employees over vacation time and prestigious titles. The benefits are numerous.